New User Guide: How to Uninstall Apps On Mac?

New User Guide: How to Uninstall Apps On Mac?

Though many of us have used Apple phones or tablets at some point or the other, using a Mac device is a little different. If you have been using a Windows PC or laptop till date and are shifting to a MacBook, you are likely to face some situations where the procedures are not the same. It is a very different operating system and you will take some time to get used to all the functions. 

Even though the functions are all very easy, it is better to go through a guided tour before taking it on. In this segment, you can learn how to uninstall apps on Mac. You would need to uninstall some of the apps as they use the space in your disk resulting in a slow computer.

  • Deleting Standalone Apps

If you wish to simply remove the program without uninstalling it, exit the program. Find the relevant app in the “Apps” folder. Next, click and hold the program icon and drag it to the trash basket. This is where all the deleted stuff goes. Empty the trash bin to remove it permanently.

  • Uninstalling Bundled Apps

For a bundled application, clicking on the icon while pressing the Ctrl key will reveal an options menu. One of the says ‘show package contents’ You will need to delete all the package contents to completely delete the app. If you do not remove the bundled content, you will have files that have no relevance on your machine, left behind and creating a nuisance

  • Uninstalling Apps downloaded from the App Store

This is very easy as all you need to do is delete it from the Apps Folder. You can find its accompaniments in the “User\ Library\Containers” folder

  • Uninstalling Programs that Were Manually Installed

Such programs have files, not just in one folder but distributed across many folders. If you have used a CD or an online program file, you can first check if there is an uninstall option in the EXE file. If there is, your work becomes easier as the function will take care of it.

If not, you will need to manually locate all the associated files and trash them. These files could be present in the system folder and various other folders. You can find the relevant files to be deleted by searching for the relevant extensions. All files related to one app can be found and then you can pick and choose. You can leave the smaller files alone

  • Empty the Trash

To permanently delete an app and its related files, they should be removed from the trash can as well. Until you have emptied the trash the files are still occupying space. Only when the trash is emptied, do they get deleted permanently.

  • Use Available Software Programs for Uninstalling

You could use software programs to help with the uninstallation of the program. There are several software programs available just for that. While deleting files on your own, you might delete some files which are essential to the system and its running. 

Clearing up space on your computer can be just as satisfying as removing junk from your home during the spring cleaning. So, it is very important to know how to uninstall apps on Mac for the efficient functioning of your machine.

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