Beach to Battleship Race Review

Beach to Battleship Race Review

I would like to offer a review for the Beach to Battleship race. This race has both a 70.3 half ironman and a 140.6 ironman that run simultaneous on the same day with the half ironman being delayed 1 hour on the swim and having an alternate bike course that crosses the 140.6 bike course. The run is done on the same path for both races with the half ironman doing 1 loop and the full ironman doing 2 loops. Overall, I would give this race an A for their pre-planning, race information, onsite logistics, volunteers, aid stations, awards, end of race, and overall race feel.

Pre-planning – This year was the seventh year for the Beach to Battleship race. This was my first year to do this race, so I do not have any comparisons over the previous years, but I felt like their pre-planning was excellent. They provided a website that was chalk full of information. Most of the information was dated for the 2014 race for most of the year until about 2 months away from the 2015 race, but you could gain a lot of information from the website itself. They provided course maps, hotel suggestions, registration, aid station information, and much more on the website. I found it to be very informational, but would like to get more updated information for the new year sooner on the website. The video that takes the place of the race information meeting on location did not change dates until right before the race week. This is a confusing aspect to the information for someone who is coming in on their first year at this race. For the lack of updated information the website gets a B.

Race Information – In addition to the website information that is basic to most races, the Beach to Battleship also includes a thorough race information guide. It is downloadable in .PDF format from the website. In addition each racer is sent a bound magazine style booklet that contains all of the updated information. I received my booklet about 2 weeks before the race. As I was very nervous about the race overall, I read the information booklet and highlighted the important sections even though I had read much of the same information on the website. One of the aspects to this race is that it is a point to point race meaning that you do not have the same transition area for each transition. This particular point made me very nervous. The race information guide gave excellent information about the number of bags and the type of bags to out items in. I found the guide to offer the information I needed to be successful in the race. I don’t think that I arrived at the venue surprised about anything. The only thing that I would offer to add to the guide would be some suggested practices for how to organize your gear and the order to drop items off. For the quality of the information provided in the guide I would give them an A+.

Onsite Check-in Logistics – Once I arrived at the venue, I had to figure out how to get everything I needed. I parked in the Convention Center Parking Garage and entered the building. As I entered the main room where the signs directed me to go to, I entered a well-defined path toward packet pickup. The packet pickup went similar to other races, where I gave them my name, showed them my driver’s license, and showed them my USA Triathlon Membership Card. I then received my packet that had all of the contents that I needed. I then made my way out of the convention center through the expo with all of the different items to purchase. As I dove into my packet I found at the 5 bags that I needed to play items in. I had made a checklist for the different bags, so this was easy to follow. I then proceeded to drop off my bags at the various locations and my bike at bike check-in. I found this part of the logistics of the race to very organized and I had plenty of information to follow to keep myself calm and organized. The instructions were clear and precise. For the quality of the logistics I give the race an A. There could have been more volunteers at the packet pick-up answering questions. I was there right at the beginning of the check-in time. I noticed when I went back later to put my race number on my race belt there were many more people answering questions.

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